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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Holographic Dreamz

Beanies, Holographic Dreamz, etsy. 
My friend Hilary made these amazing beanies. Go check them out! 

Saturday, March 22, 2014


When I'm dressed up I wear men's wear or girl gothic clothing. When I'm dressed down and casual its guy's wear all the way or girl's wear if it is tom boyish enough. These are the styles that define me. One cannot put me in a box. I am who I am. I love my lace and tea but I also love my skateboards ;) 

Tom Boy tshirt, Wildfang.
Shoes, Vans. 
Pants, hand me down.
Dog, mine. 

New headphones

These were a bit pricey. I won't buy any headphones again for a long time though because these last forever and ever and ever and ever. All the apple headphones I have ever bought last so much longer but that is just my opinion and I take good care of my things. I take quite a few hikes so this is good that it won't fall out of my ears when I'm being sporty.

New haul

Got this new book because my old book version was all ripped and torn up because I read it so much haha I don't usually replace books but sometimes my books fall apart and it is hard to put together.

Scored this new gothic spider ring at a haul with friends.